ASPEC 15 Years

ASPEC Brisbane Staff

ASPEC Engineering is celebrating 15 years of growth and success. Founded in 2003 by two University of Queensland graduates, ASPEC started small but dreamed big. This blog looks back at how their vision turned into a reality, highlighting the key projects and decisions that have shaped the company into a respected name in engineering today. Join us as we reflect on ASPEC’s journey through the past 15 years.

ASPEC Engineering (ASPEC) celebrated its 15th anniversary on 1st August 2018.

ASPEC was founded by Richard Morgan and Frank Gatto and commenced operation in Brisbane on 1st August 2003 based in Coronation Drive at Milton. Richard and Frank are both structural engineers from the University of Queensland, and successfully managed BHP’s structural assets and structural engineering group prior to starting ASPEC. In BHP, Richard and Frank worked closely with other engineering disciplines, particularly mechanical. One of the first steps in ASPEC was to create an integrated structural and mechanical engineering group so ASPEC could continue to do the type of work they had been successfully involved in for many years.

The Brisbane office shifted to 99 Melbourne Street South Brisbane in 2012. ASPEC has also established offices in Newcastle, Perth and Wollongong. The managers of ASPEC’s offices are:

Brisbane          Jeff Brook

Newcastle       Bob Gibson

Perth               Mark Biggs

Wollongong   Chris Hadenham

In addition, Wyndham Bird has represented ASPEC in Victoria since 2005.

ASPEC is a specialised engineering consultancy company. Our main focus has been on materials handling systems and infrastructure for ports and mines, but we’ve also conducted many investigation projects and life extension work on existing facilities, in addition to areas such as risk studies and value engineering studies.

From our BHP legacy, we had developed expertise in mobile machines and ship loaders and demand in this area has been strong throughout ASPEC’s 15-year history. Often clients have directed their engineers to get us involved, specifically on the design auditing for material handling equipment. That leadership is bolstered by the company’s association with the Australian Standards Committee for Bulk Handling Equipment.

Over the years, ASPEC has acted as a specialist consultant on numerous high profile projects—for example, Hay Point HPX3 port expansion, Amrun port, Caval Ridge mine, Cape Lambert B port, RG Tanna port expansion, WICET port, Port Kembla coal terminal upgrade, Kestral mine expansion and North West rail link in Sydney.

ASPEC has fostered a culture of teamwork and initiative in our staff. Everyone in the business is important—from the receptionists, to those in document control, to the most skilled engineers.

We would particularly like to thank our clients for supporting us throughout our 15 year history and to our staff, past and present who have worked diligently to get the company to where it is today. Special mention also goes to partner organisations and individuals who have worked with us over this period.

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