Bridge and Culvert Inspection Requirements for Mines & Ports

By Cris Balmes
MAIN IMAGE - Bridge and Culvert Inspection Requirements for Mines and Ports - CB - Cover photo

Bridges and culverts for the mining industry may be subject to more onerous conditions from heavy vehicle loadings, changes to road alignments and changes to landscape and stream catchments to suit mining production.

In this article, the author discusses key requirements that enable inspectors and asset owners to achieve an effective and efficient system in managing bridges and culvert assets.

Download the article to learn about bridge and culvert inspection requirements for mines and ports. (Link below)

Cris Balmes is a structural engineer working for the ASPEC Brisbane Office. He has completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Honours) with a Structural Second Major in 2018 to a start as a graduate for ASPEC in 2019.


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