Redpath Shaft Project

By Richard Morgan & Grace Go
Article - Redpath Shaft Project

The Redpath Downcast Vent Shaft Project involved sinking a shaft into an active underground coal mine. ASPEC designed the concrete slab and piles required to support the Redbore 90 raise drill machine so the 5.3 m diameter and 318m deep raise bore hole could be reamed through from underground. The detailed design for the steel liner and grouting was completed by ASPEC. Steel liner segments were installed by being lowered down the shaft in segments by a hydraulic jacking & lowering system designed by ASPEC.

This paper covers the following items engineered by ASPEC:

  • Concrete slab and piles
  • Steel liner
  • Grout mix
  • Jacking system

Download available by clicking the link below.


Grace Go is a Structural Engineer at Aspec Engineering with 5 years’ experience in technical engineering, civil design and risk-based assessments on port structures. She has been with ASPEC since 2015.


Richard Morgan - Aspec Engineering

Richard Morgan is a Structural Engineer and Director of Aspec Engineering with extensive experience in bulk materials handling and ports. He is chairman of Australian Standards Committee ME43 for materials handling machines. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer and Registered Professional Engineer, Queensland.


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