Strain Gauging of Mining Machines

By Matt Rudas
Strain Gauging - Fixed

Strain gauging is a key technique for understanding the structural health of mining machines. This article from ASPEC explores how strain gauging supports failure analysis and improves operational settings, helping to keep critical mining equipment running smoothly and safely.

The structural assessment of machines is based on strength of material calculations, where the quantity of interest is typically stress. Determination of structural stresses requires knowledge of the loads to which the structure is subjected, and this information is not always readily available. One practical method for the determination of stresses is based on the relationship between material stress and the accompanying deformation, called “strain”. This article will provide a brief introduction to strain measurement using foil strain gauges, including strain gauge selection and installation and application case studies.

Matt Rudas

Matt Rudas is a Chartered Professional Engineer with over 25 years of mechanical and structural engineering experience. He has both Masters and Doctorate degrees in the numerical modelling of fracture and crack growth problems. Matt’s expertise is in mechanical/structural design, fracture, fatigue and dynamic stress analysis.


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