Wind Loading – History of Changes

By Claudia Cipressi

The first modern wind loading code published in Australia in 1971, was the CA 34.2, which replaced an earlier interim document, the SAA Int 350.  Whilst printed in Imperial units, all subsequent standards have descended from it, with notable changes being made in each new edition. In 1973, the CA34.2 was converted to metric units in the AS1170.2: 1973 edition, whilst the occurrence of Cyclone Tracy which hit Darwin in 1974, created many modifications relating to the findings following the severe weather event.  The AS1170.2: 1989 was a major revision of previous standards, with the conversion to limit state design which is still implemented in the following 2002 and 2011 editions.

To recognise the modifications made to Australian standards over the years, it is necessary to understand the underlying concepts of wind interaction with structures, and how this is accounted for in the design process.

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