Use of Jackets for Offshore Berth Construction

By Richard Morgan & Daniel Squires

Jacket structures can be used as an alternative to freestanding piles for the wharf and jetty substructure for offshore berths. An advantage of this form of construction is that the jacket modules are fabricated off site and the amount of site work can be dramatically reduced. Piles are typically driven through the legs of the jacket framework and the jacket legs grouted to the piles to provide the connection. This form of construction is particularly suitable for construction in deeper water.

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Richard Morgan - Aspec Engineering

Richard Morgan is a Structural Engineer and Director of Aspec Engineering with extensive experience in bulk materials handling and ports. He is chairman of PIANC Working Group 184 for Design Principles for Dry Bulk Marine Terminals. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer and Registered Professional Engineer, Queensland.



Dan Squires is a Civil and Structural Engineer and heads Rendel’s port and maritime department, based in London, UK. Rendel and ASPEC work together on marine and infrastructure projects. Dan has extensive international experience on ports and marine projects including studies, structural analysis, design and project planning.


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